Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Happy Squirrel Day!

Squirrel brains are considered a delicacy in most parts of squirrel hunting Louisiana. I have heard of late, however, that eating them might be gong out of fashion because of a certain disease or virus the squirel brain can carry. Still, it doesn't stop mama.
 No, mama, you can not suck the squirrel heads anymore!

Here are some squirrel themed status updates from my local Evangeline Parish people in anticipation of this year's Squirrel Day, the first Friday in October. 

My girls still think its disgusting that I eat squirrel brain. It's sweet like candy.

Why are there walnuts in the squirrel gravy?

Don't shoot dem damn squirrels in da head! -Leonard Guillory

Jealous of everyone heading off to the woods........try to leave some in the trees 

I Would Say its a good week! Became Godparents Yesterday and today I Officially own my Property! Now just to kill a few squirrels.

The weekend of the squirrel! All of Ville Platte will be a ghost town and the woods filled with happy hunters, cold beer, whiskey drinks, camp fires, great smelling food and good times!! Haha. 

Happy "Squirrel Weekend" everyone!

Squirrel dayyyyyyyyy!

Happy Squirrel Day! Although I am not in the woods back home in Louisiana, I'll celebrate with a nice highball in a red solo cup!

Happy Squirrel day Ville Plattians!

Happy Squirrel Day... Father and son off to the woods :)

Today would be one day that I would live to be back in Ville Platte. So Sad that no one else participates in Squirrel Day!

Happy Squirrel Day to my friends back home! Ladies, make me proud and shop till you drop :)

Men head to the woods and women head to the stores. Ville Platte seems to close its doors to the rest of the world.....SQUIRRELWEEKEND

While the boys are away, the girls will........SPEND MONEY!!!! Happy Squirrel Day Ladies!

I keep thinking about the Miss Alice's squirrel sauce piquante and how the b.b.'s would go ting ting ting on the plate when you spit them out...