Thursday, October 25, 2018

Melissa Bonin

 L’ODEUR DES ECLATS par Melissa Bonin


L’odeur des éclairs
Terrasseé je goute les yeux ceruleans
à travers mon courbe de sein
bois chaque ligne et phrase
éclats de peau
Aveuglée je suis laissée à sentir
les empreintes digitales cramoisis

Melissa Bonin
1 Avril 2018

Melissa Bonin is a Louisiana francophone/francophile artist, painter and poet.  Born in New Iberia, she lives and works in Lafayette. She received her BFA in Painting at UL and her BA in French from UL and  from L’université Catholique de l’Ouest where she was a C.O.D.O.F.I.L. scholarship recipient.  Bonin is concerned with complex human issues: life, death, rebirth, and transformation. Much of her  work is informed by a rich multi cultural blend of religious and philosophical sources. She presents a perspective into which are inscribed her 2 lineages of French and Acadian ancestry, the journey of the Great Deportation, the influence of Native Americans and the teachings of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. Bonin’s work invites contemplation of the relationship between Light and Darkness, God and Man, and redemption achieved through preservation of the natural world and honoring of the feminine via a deep feeling of connection and responsibility as guardians of the Earth and the human spirit, as well as, the individual recognition of one’s being through the process of individuation.Her work explores the intersection of Heaven and Earth which is both ancient and universal. 


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